Why men can be weak erection

There are many factors that lead to problems of male health. In General, all factors can be divided into organic and psychological.

An example of organic disorders are malfunctions of the endocrine system. The activity of the sex glands may decrease testosterone is produced in smaller amounts. This leads to the fact that the voice also begins to change. The condition can also be accompanied by obesity, reducing the amount of hair on the head. In some cases, sexual dysfunction is associated with the formation of a tumor in the pituitary gland. This begins to produce prolactin. This hormonal substance negatively affects erection.

Young people early sometimes impotence associated with medication and other drugs. This group includes alcoholic and narcotic substances, medicines that affect the Central nervous system (for example, Imipramine or Hloropiramin), drugs that lower blood pressure (Clonidine), various hormonal medications (estrogen) and antihistamine properties (Diphenhydramine).

Weak erectile function can occur due to the fact that the process of hardening of the corpora cavernosa (this applies to the lacunae that during erection shall be filled with blood). As a result of the elastic fabric of the type start to be replaced by fibrous, causing an erection not occur.

After a certain number of years can manifest the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Although in the early stages of neurological disease almost invisible, but they affect erections in men. The reason behind poor sexual function may be associated with injuries of the spinal cord or brain.

Factors that provoke the symptoms of sexual dysfunction, may be associated with vascular pathologies. And this is the most common cause. There are problems with blood circulation in the arteries and blocking of the veins that does not allow the erection to be prolonged. The propensity for these processes comes from patients who suffer from hypertension and diabetes. In these cases, patients most often seen and prostatitis, and impotence. The main factors that lead to this - constant stress and depression, emotional stress. Sometimes inflammatory processes in the prostate gland affect nerve fibers that are responsible for erection.

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction

Main symptoms: Lack of hardness in penis during copulation; reducing the level of erection during intercourse; Blunting of sexual desire, his absence; Difficulties with orgasm.

To determine the presence of sexual disorders at first, these symptoms are difficult, as they may be the result of fatigue, stress, alcohol intoxication and drinking large quantities of caffeine. You don't have erectile dysfunction if: you Have morning (or nocturnal) erections;

In most cases, sex penis firm enough for intercourse; Masturbation erection occurs. If the above situations is nothing to worry about, otherwise, is to visit a specialist.