Erectile dysfunction pills

This question is often asked of men. How does prolonged use of viagra on the body, maybe it can somehow hurt? And suddenly, over time, the body completely "unlearn" yourself to perform these functions? Such thoughts come to mind and people who are not suffering erektilnoy dysfunction, but have a desire to improve the quality of sexual relations. For the entire period of the introduction of this drug has been tested on thousands of patients, and also in artificially created environments. All these experiments showed that long-term use of viagra is harmless for the body. And the view that long-term use of this drug affects the nervous system and inhibits the areas responsible for erections in General, are without the slightest reason. Moreover, there is evidence that if you use viagra at least a year in patients with improves erection. That is, it becomes clear that this drug can be used not only disposable, but also as a therapeutic agent against erectile dysfunction. It is necessary to mention the psychological effects of the drug on man.


"Impotent" - at the mention of the word probably most men cringe a nervous trembling. It would seem that women, this problem is not to the same extent. The disease is a purely male. But man and woman are two halves of one whole and if one mate is not in order, and another also have not sweet. In fact, the woman experiences no less than her partner. Not every woman can speak openly about their feelings with a man suffering from impotence. The reasons can be several. You are not confident in their own sexual abilities and secretly suspect that may be the cause of the failure of his partner. You think don't look as great as half a year ago and maybe it interferes with normal sexual relations. You spare his feelings and not want to once again damage his psyche arguments on the unpleasant subject of impotence. Impotence is conventionally considered such a condition when a man cannot achieve an erection or erection appears for a very short period of time. Every second representative of the stronger sex on your experience is familiar with this situation. This can be a one-time violation associated with fatigue or increased nervousness men.

Sometimes even impossible to find an objective or subjective cause of the failure. But if the absence of erection is repeated several times, then we can talk about impotence. Most women think that impotence is a violation of the sexual organs. This is a big misconception. In fact, impotence can be caused by various diseases. Erection can affect the increased level of glucose or cholesterol in blood or even malfunction of the cardiovascular system. You may not be aware that the medication prescribed, for example, colds, or high blood pressure, can affect the quality of sex. Ignorance of the true causes of the disorder in sexual relations provokes their partner's guilt. This situation can greatly complicate relations between two loving people. The first response to the appearance of impotence can even be a jealous rage and attempts to catch the man of infidelity.

"What if he has another, and therefore it can not and does not want to do this to me?". Sound familiar?

Before you Express such things aloud, dear women, try to calm down and put yourself in the shoes of your partner. For men impotence is a big blow not only to health, but also on the male ego. Take your friend, better write it down on reception to the expert. Perhaps he needs skilled care. Another tip: in any case do not pretend that everything is fine and You notice nothing. Any problematic situation, and impotence is no exception, it is necessary to discuss together, to speak out loud. Silence can alienate You from each other. Gradually You will notice that you don't discuss not only sexual issues, but generally no. Over-zealous attempts to sexual stimulation is also not good. If the problem is lodged deeply, especially if it is not of a sexual nature, that such attempts did not help.

So how did You behave if Your man suddenly showed impotence?

First and most importantly – do not try to seek the cause in yourself. This is the main mistake You can do. Do not invent that now Your man does not love You. Try to calmly talk about impotence with their man. And do it immediately after an unsuccessful copulation, after some time. Let the passion in Your soul settles a bit, and the man has recovered from the failure. During the conversation, advise your friend to go to the doctor. Perhaps the treatment takes a very short time. It depends on the cause of impotence. Doctors advise a time that would be needed to restore erectile function to take the development of sexual fantasies. Fortunately, for this purpose today there are many accessories such as sex toys, different games, viagra and many more ....